Building Vibrant Learning Communities

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A vibrant community adult learning system will enable Advanced Education and Technology to meet our goals of improving local accessibility to adult learning, particularly for adults from under represented groups and those wanting to improve their literacy or other foundational skills.

In four regional meetings, over 100 representatives from community adult learning organizations and post-secondary institutions provided their ideas on how to strengthen community learning and literacy programs in Alberta. Their input along with that of the Roles and Mandates Policy Framework Community Adult Learning Working Group resulted in the release of Building Vibrant Learning Communities: Framework and Actions to Strengthen Community Adult Learning Councils and Community Literacy Programs.

This report serves as a guide for strengthening Community Adult Learning Councils and community literacy programs, and ensuring the alignment of community learning with public post-secondary learning. Notable recommendations in the report were further explored by a community adult learning task team in its Increasing Learner Access Through System Alignment report

The actions in both reports require collaboration among a large number of partners and will be implemented as priorities and resources allow.