Roles and Mandates Policy Framework

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Alberta’s post-secondary institutions have clear direction on each of their respective roles in providing Albertans with accessible, affordable and quality adult learning.

The Roles and Mandates Policy Framework for Alberta’s publicly funded Advanced Education system was developed in 2007 in response to recommendations from the A Learning Alberta consultation and further discussion with Alberta’s students and publicly-funded post-secondary institutions. Its principles are enshrined in the Post-secondary Learning Act.

The Framework outlines key directions for the post-secondary system in a number of areas, including

Benefits to the post-secondary system

By defining six broad types of publicly funded institutions, the Framework serves as a foundation for achieving the Campus Alberta vision and building an adult learning system that is responsive, resilient, effective and collaborative.

Responsive and Resilient The Framework ensures strategic long-term planning for adult learning in Alberta that builds a more resilient and responsive system to meet the needs of learners, taxpayers and society as a whole.

An effective post-secondary education system is one that

  • meets the needs of learners and promotes access
  • improves capacity and allows resources to be effectively allocated in order to provide shared benefits

The Framework sets the stage to improve

  • collaboration between adult learning providers
  • access to education and training across the province
  • quality by focusing on strengths, knowing one institution can’t be all things to all people

Relation to Alberta Innovates

A similar framework was developed in 2008 for Alberta’s research and innovation system. This framework set out how Alberta’s research and innovation system would work, how we can move ideas and discoveries from the lab into technology and prototype development to commercialization. Since January 2010, these activities have taken place under the banner of Alberta Innovates.

With the clarity of roles established in the post-secondary system, Alberta’s publicly funded post-secondary institutions can focus their mandates effectively to contribute to the overall success of Alberta’s research and innovation system.

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