Living Literacy

Living Literacy: A Literacy Framework for Alberta’s Next Generation Economy Download Living Literacy: A Literacy Framework for Alberta’s Next Generation Economy
provides a framework for action that coordinates the efforts of the Government of Alberta and our many partners to improve literacy levels for Albertans so they can improve their quality of life and achieve their full potential. 

Advanced Education, Alberta Education and Alberta Human Services  are moving ahead with the framework’s priority actions. With the assistance of other ministries and Albertans, we will continue to work together to increase awareness and coordinate actions to engage Albertans in developing and maintaining their literacy skills throughout their lives.

Living Literacy reflects government priorities for increasing high school completion rates, increasing post-secondary participation and building a skilled workforce so that the quality of life for Albertans is enhanced and sustained.

Conversations with Stakeholders

Living Literacy responds to what we heard from individuals, organizations and other ministries on how to increase the literacy skills of Albertans.  We heard that all Albertans play a role in supporting literacy development in the home, community and workplace.

In Fall 2012, representatives from Alberta Advanced Education and Alberta Human Services participated in a plenary session during the Literacy and Learning Symposium 2012 to gather input on the Adult Literacy Action Plan from community learning stakeholders across Alberta.

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