Campus Alberta: A Policy Framework

Download the Campus Alberta Policy Framework

The concept of Campus Alberta was developed in 2002 in Campus Alberta: A Policy Framework. Although the concept has since evolved, this document set parameters around the emerging notion of lifelong learning.

The aim of the framework was to define a set of principles to ensure the different learning systems across Alberta work together to deliver seamless learning opportunities. In practice, this means learning providers collaborate to deliver learning opportunities where and when Albertans need them.


The framework called for an approach to advanced learning in Alberta that is

  • responsive
  • innovative
  • high-quality
  • accessible
  • focused on meeting the needs of the learner

Within this context, learning should be recognized not only when it leads to credentials (formal learning), but also when it does not (informal learning). Recognizing all types of learning

  • encourages participation in further learning and eliminates some of the boundaries between the formal education system and learning that occurs outside of the system
  • enables movement between work and school (and vice versa), allowing learners to chose their own paths to knowledge

Evolution of Campus Alberta

Campus Alberta: A Policy Framework has also paved the way for other initiatives such as