Alberta Designation Requirements

New Regulations for the International Student Program

On June 1, 2014, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) implemented new federal regulations regarding study permits for international students. All international students must obtain a study permit for a program that is longer than six months, or for a program shorter than six months if it has an integrated and mandatory work component.

Study permits for international students will be granted only for study at Designated Learning Institutions (DLI), with designated education programs or training providers in Canada. To accept and enroll international students, Alberta learning institutions and training providers must be designated eligible by the Ministry of Advanced Education (AE).

To receive this designation and become a DLI, you must comply with the Alberta Designation Requirements (ADR)  administrated by AE, and successfully complete the designation application process. Once you are confirmed eligible, an agreement with AE will be signed. Your institution will then be placed on the List of Designated Institutions (LDI).

Designated institutions will manage compliance with the International Student Program (ISP) terms by accepting only those international students who have study permits issued by CIC for designated eligible programs.

Introductory conference calls occur at 10:00 a.m. on
the first Thursday of every month for educational institutions.
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Steps in the Designation Process

  1. Read through the information in the Alberta Designation Requirements (ADR) document related to your programs and sector.
  2. Attend conference call on how to apply for designation.  Attendance is mandatory.  Institutions must attend call before submitting an application.  The Ministry will not review applications received from institutions that have not attended a call. 
  3. Complete the Application and Checklist and submit to the Ministry through the email below.  Please ensure you are using Adobe Reader 11 in order to edit and to submit the Checklist in PDF format.
  4. The Ministry reserves the right to decline applications from institutions that are unable to demonstrate their ability to ensure compliance with the regulations.  If your application is declined, then you must wait at least six months before re-applying.
  5. Once deemed eligible, a signed agreement between the Ministry and your institution will be completed. See sample PDF agreement.

For more information on the ADR or
To submit your application for designation
please email: