Specialized Arts and Culture Institutions

Alberta has 2 Specialized Arts and Culture Institutions:

Institution Name Primary Geographic Service Area
Alberta College of Art and Design Alberta and external
The Banff Centre Alberta and external

Role within Campus Alberta

Academic Programs Definitions

These two unique institutions specialize in providing fine arts and cultural programming at the undergraduate, graduate or professional development level. 

  • Applied Degree 
  • Baccalaureate Degree (in niche areas)
  • Certificate
  • Diploma
  • Master's Degree (in niche areas)
  • Doctoral Degree (in niche areas)
  • Post-Diploma Certificate

Visit EDinfo for a list of current programs offered at each institution.

Research Activity

  • Applied research to enhance their instructional mandate.
  • Alberta College of Art and Design also engages in scholarly activity.

Learner Focus

  • Learners interested in the fine arts and creativity. 
  • In particular, Alberta College of Art and Design serves the needs of learners interested in career and academic programming.
  • The Banff Centre serves the needs of learners with prior academic and professional experience.

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