Planning and Accountability Reports

Alberta's publicly funded post-secondary institutions are required to submit planning and accountability reports annually  in accordance with legislation:

Institutions submit two primary documents annually: A Comprehensive Institutional Plan and an Annual Report.

The Comprehensive Institutional Plan

The Comprehensive Institutional Plan is a three-year planning document that integrates the institutional business plan, the Institutional Access Plan, and the Institutional Research Plan into one document. The integration of these documents reflects the commitment of Advanced Education to work with Alberta's post-secondary institutions to streamline and increase the efficiency of planning processes and institutional submissions to the department. The Comprehensive Institutional Plan satisfies current legislated requirements (Fiscal Management Act, Post-secondary Learning Act) that institutions submit business plans and Institutional Access Plans annually.

The Annual Report

Post-secondary institution annual reports facilitate accountability to stakeholders by relating the institution's actual performance to the goals, expected outcomes and performance measures identified in its Comprehensive Institutional Plan. Annual reports provided a vehicle for institutions to communicate the progress they have achieved during the year with respect to strategic, program, financial, and campus development goals and to identify factors that may have affected their performance.

The Post-Secondary Learning Act requires that public institutions submit to the Minister an annual report that includes their audited financial statements as well as any other information required by the Minister. The submission of public institution annual reports and Comprehensive Institutional Plans is also part of the accountability process provided for in the Fiscal Management Act.

Annual reports are public documents. Post-secondary institutions are required to make annual reports available to the public upon request. They are also required to post their annual reports on their websites.

Included below are links to the annual reports for Alberta's public post-secondary institutions for the year 20? - 20?.1

Institution Name

Annual Report and Financial Statement 

Comprehensive Academic and Research Institutions (learn more)
Athabasca University Annual Report
University of Alberta Annual Report
University of Calgary Annual Report
University of Lethbridge Annual Report
Baccalaureate and Applied Studies Institutions (learn more)
Grant MacEwan University Annual Report
Mount Royal University Annual Report
Polytechnical Institutions (learn more)
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Annual Report
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Annual Report
Comprehensive Community Institutions (learn more)
Bow Valley College Annual Report
Grande Prairie Regional College Annual Report
Keyano College Annual Report
Lakeland College Annual Report
Lethbridge College Annual Report
Medicine Hat College Annual Report
NorQuest College Annual Report
Northern Lakes College Annual Report
Olds College Annual Report
Portage College Annual Report
Red Deer College Annual Report
Specialized Arts and Culture Institutions (learn more)
Alberta College of Art and Design Annual Report
The Banff Centre Annual Report


  1. Accountability reports for Alberta’s Independent Academic Institutions are also reviewed by the department.