Private Career Training in Alberta

What is Career Training?

Career training is post-secondary education that provides students with specialized skills and knowledge to prepare them for employment in a specific field. This type of training may be offered by both public and private institutions. Students receive a diploma or certificate upon successful completion of the program.

What is a Private Institution?

A private institution is an independent business that can offer various types of educational training, including courses, workshops, and career training programs.

Private Career Training in Alberta

In Alberta, career training programs offered by private institutions must be licensed by the Private Career Colleges branch in accordance with the Private Vocational Training Act and Regulation. This legislation allows private institutions to participate in Alberta's post-secondary system and provides consumer protection to students enrolled in licensed programs.

Private institutions in Alberta currently offer licensed career training programs in a wide range of fields, including office administration, business management, legal administration, computer technology, web design, massage therapy, hairstyling, esthetics, make-up, nutrition, emergency medical services, health care, and more. There are over 150 private institutions offering over 800 licensed programs. A list of these institutions and their programs is available on the Alberta Learning Information Service - OCCinfo website.    

Please note that graduates from private career colleges are not eligible for the Post-Graduate Work Permit program. For more information, please visit

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