Data Collection Applications for Post-Secondary Institutions

This page contains the latest documentation available for several data collection applications that Advanced Education provides to post-secondary institutions in Alberta.

If you are not familiar with the procedure to download these files, please contact the support person for your institution listed below. Also, check the Advanced Education Generic FTP site to download the latest version of the application software.

System Support

Topic Contact Phone Number E-mail
All ASI, LERS, FIRS, and KPIRS business questions or concerns Rob Acker 780-415-9570
All PRS issues or concerns PRS Help Desk 780-427-5318
Fax 780-427-1179
FIRS and KPIRS technical issues Gordon deRouyan 780-945-0712


Overview and Common Definitions

software_firs Financial Information Reporting System - FIRS

software_kpi Key Performance Indicators Reporting System - KPIRS

software_prs Program Registry System - PRS

  • Reporting Manual (Version 3.0.00 - May 2003) - Zip or Word
  • Use Guide (2001-2002b - September 2001) - Zip or PDF

software_lers Learner and Enrolment Reporting System - LERS

software_asi Application Submission Initiative - ASI