Operating Grants

Alberta Advanced Education provides ongoing operating grants to twenty-one public, board-governed institutions to support the delivery of credit instruction. Operating grants are also provided to five not-for-profit private university colleges for delivery of approved, credit degree programs.

These operating grants are provided in a block grant called the Campus Alberta Grant. This Campus Alberta Grant supports the delivery of approved credit programs including apprenticeship programs, and other programs that are designated for student financial assistance.

The Campus Alberta Grant is provided to institutions as base funding rather than a per-student amount adjusted annually by enrolment changes. However, periodic reviews of these base-funding amounts have taken enrolment levels into consideration. The Campus Alberta Grant is a main funding source to support the delivery of credit instruction. 

Alberta’s for-profit private institutions do not receive direct funding from Alberta Advanced Education (operating grants, inflationary adjustments or targeted funds). However, these institutions (which include approximately 155 licensed vocational institutions) receive indirect support if their programs of study are designated for student financial assistance. Students receiving student financial assistance will flow their awards (loans, grants and scholarships) from Alberta Advanced Education to private institutions through the payment of tuition and mandatory fees.