Capital Projects

Alberta Infrastructure works with other ministries to ensure Albertans have the schools, hospitals and other public infrastructure necessary to support a strong economy and meet the needs of a growing population.  

Budget 2017 includes $450.6 million for post-secondary capital projects:

  • University of Alberta Dentistry-Pharmacy Building: $52M ($149 over 4 years)
  • University of Calgary MacKimmie Complex & Professional Building Redevelopment: no dollars in 2017-18 ($262M from 2018-2021)
  • Medicine Hat East Campus Development: no dollars in 2017-18 ($4.3M in 2018-19)
  • Northern Lakes College High Prairie Consolidation Planning: $0.9M
  • Portage College Needs Assessment: $1.1M
  • Capital Maintenance and Renewal: $154M
  • $238.6M in funding for government’s existing allocation for multi-year capital projects in Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge and Grande Prairie. Some examples include:
    • University of Calgary MacKimmie Complex Project Planning: $8.6M
    • University of Calgary Schulich School of Engineering: $51.5M
    • NAIT Centre for Applied Technology: $55.3M
    • University of Lethbridge Destination Project: $65M
    • Lethbridge College Trades and Technology Renewal and Innovation Project: $10.4M
    • NorQuest College Expansion and Retrofit: $40M
    • Keyano College Facility Upgrades: $7.8M
  • Department IT Capital Investment – Budget 2017 includes $4M for Advanced Education’s IT requirements, including MyTradeSecrets, ATOMS and the student aid system.

 The types of infrastructure supported includes facilities for:

  • instruction
  • research
  • administration

Provincial funding supports expansion projects needed to increase student access and provincial research capacity, as well as preservation projects needed to maintain the existing buildings. Institutions also receive annual Infrastructure Maintenance Program grants toward maintaining and improving facility condition.

Provincial funding does not support facilities for revenue generating or ancillary services, such as parkades, student residences and staff residences.


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