Degree and Program Approval Process

Degree Programs

Proposals for new degree programs are submitted to Alberta Advanced Education through the Provider and Program Registry System (PAPRS). Approval of degree and applied degree programs under the Post-secondary Learning Act and the Programs of Study Regulation follows a two-stage review process:

System Coordination Review assess:

  • Student, economic, and labour market demand
  • Positioning within Campus Alberta, including student pathways
  • Financial sustainability and risk identification and mitigation
  • Fit with institutional mandate and comprehensive institutional plan
  • Program distinctiveness and/or value components
  • Institutional Capacity, including resources and staffing
  • Benefits, affordability, and impacts for learners. 

Quality Review: a quality review for degree programs through the Campus Alberta Quality Council (CAQC) requires institutions to demonstrate that they can offer education of sufficient breadth and rigor to meet national and international standards related to:

  • Faculty and staff
  • Academic policies
  • Resource capacity
  • Credential recognition
  • Program delivery, content, and structure
  • Program evaluation
  • Regulation and accreditation
  • For graduate programs, commitment to research and graduate supervision plans


Other Programs of Study

Proposals for certificate and diploma programs are submitted to Alberta Advanced Education electronically through PAPRS. Following a review within the Ministry and Advanced Education, the Minister approves proposals for new certificate and diploma programs as well as proposals for significant modifications to existing programs.

The proposed programs or program changes are reviewed in the context of the institutions' mandate statements. Many aspects of the new programs or program modifications are taken into consideration including the

  • Student, economic, and labour market demand
  • Student pathways and key features 
  • Fit with institutional mandate and strategic plan
  • Fit with Campus Alberta priorities
  • Evidence of internal approval and quality assurance