International Adult Learners' Week

Alberta adult learning organizations joined the other provinces and territories across Canada and 40 countries worldwide to celebrate International Adult Learners' Week each spring. International Adult Learners' Week 

International Adult Learners' Week is a collaborative effort of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, the Council of Ministers of Education Canada (CMEC) and provincial governments, and celebrates adult learners across the country and the joy of learning throughout life.

International Adult Learners' Week has two purposes: 

  • To raise public awareness of adult learning and literacy, and
  • To create an opportunity for adult learning partners, including government, non-governmental organizations and all Albertans to work together to focus on lifelong learning.

Originally launched by UNESCO in 2000, International Adult Learners' Week was first celebrated in Canada in 2002.  Discover more about Adult Learners' Week  at the Canadian Commission for UNESCO.  

Adult Learning in Alberta

Adult learning opportunities are available in communities across Alberta.  Explore and discover learning opportunities funded by Advanced Education's Community Adult Learning Program.