Alberta's Adult Learning System

Alberta's adult learning providers offer...

Innovative learning opportunities... leading-edge research... state-of-the-art facilities... Alberta is a great place to learn and grow.


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Alberta’s adult learning system offers a broad spectrum of formal and informal learning opportunities to over 300,000 Albertans. This system performs a broad range of functions which advance Alberta’s prosperity while removing barriers and inequalities so that Albertans can reach their full potential. By providing a wide range of formal and informal training and learning opportunities, the system ensures the province’s workforce remains highly-skilled and productive, helps lift vulnerable Albertans out of poverty and creates engaged, empowered and socially-conscious citizens eager to contribute to their communities.  

Alberta’s adult learning system is comprised of a large and diverse range of adult learning providers whose complementary roles and collaborative efforts ensure that the diverse needs of Alberta learners and communities are addressed across the province. The majority of learners in the system attend one of 26 publicly-funded post-secondary institutions, but many thousands of learners choose one of Alberta's many other adult learning pathways.

Campus Alberta

The concept of Campus Alberta was created in 2002 to formalize and encourage such collaboration and cooperation between the province’s 26 publicly-funded post-secondary institutions. Even before the Campus Alberta concept was established, Alberta’s institutions had been sharing best practices and working together to make Alberta’s post-secondary system a leader.

In Alberta's Adult Learning System

Learning providers are working together to achieve the following goals: 

  • Accessible, affordable and quality learning opportunities for Albertans.
  • Enhanced learner transitions into and movement within the adult learning system.
  • Assist learners to succeed in their chosen learning pathways.
  • Facilitate lifelong participation in the adult learning system by all who have the desire and skills to succeed.

Other stakeholders such as students, faculty/staff and industry also play an important role in supporting these goals and the lifelong learning aspirations Albertans.

Alberta's Adult Learning System is growing through...

  • flexible transfer arrangements between and among institutions (administered through TransferAlberta)
  • colleges and community organizations working together to assess and meet local learning needs
  • coordinated applications to Alberta's public post-secondary institutions and electronic transfer of academic transcripts (all through ApplyAlberta)

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Campus Alberta is a registered word mark of the Government of Alberta.