Apprenticeship and Industry Training

Alberta’s Apprenticeship and Industry Training System is an industry-driven partnership with government that ensures a highly skilled, internationally competitive workforce in a wide variety of trades and occupations.

Advanced Education, among other things,

  • is responsible for the administration of the apprenticeship and industry training system
  • provides support to the industry advisory committees in the development and maintenance of provincial industry standards
  • is involved in course outline and standards development, and in research, design and development of new initiatives for the delivery of apprenticeship training
  • provides support to industry in the development of training and certification standards for new and emerging occupations
  • forecasts training needs and negotiates the provision of technical training for apprentices by the post-secondary training establishments
  • visits approximately 12,000 job sites each year, promoting apprenticeship and industry training programs, counseling employers and apprentices, and identifying and addressing non-compliance with the legislation
  • facilitates the apprentice’s movement through the apprenticeship program from initial application to certification, providing special client services to apprentices identified as requiring assistance, administering industry’s examinations, and issuing trade certificates and transcripts
  • verifies work experience and training, ensures standards are met and issues certificates for individuals in the designated trades and occupations
  • provides services relating to authorizations to work, appeals, and issues of compliance

While government supports Alberta’s apprenticeship and industry training system, it is driven by industry, a term that includes both employers and employees.

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