Apprentices and Tradespeople

As an apprentice or certified tradesperson, you have several options for receiving credit for your work or training experiences, whether obtained in Alberta or a different jurisdiction:

Recognizing Prior Learning - Apprentices and Tradespeople

You can apply to have your previous training or work experience assessed for entry to, or advanced standing in, an apprenticeship program through a Prior Learning Assessment at MyTradesecrets

Continue with your apprenticeship program from another Canadian province/territory 

As a registered apprentice in your home province or territory, you can transfer your apprenticeship training program to Alberta. This includes your
  • on-the-job training hours,
  • technical training and
  • examinations

Before you leave your home province or territory, ensure that:

  • all your on-the-job training hours and technical training are reported to your apprenticeship authority,
  • you have an official copy of your apprenticeship progress (i.e. apprenticeship transcript) as provided by the apprenticeship authority to bring with you to Alberta,
  • you have completed any other forms or documentation, such as release and consent forms, that may be required by your apprenticeship authority in order to allow them to provide verification of your apprenticeship progress to Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training, and
  • you bring your employment records for time spent working in the trade you are apprenticing in.

Click here for other Canadian Apprenticeship Authorities.

Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training must verify your apprenticeship progress with your home province or territory.  Depending on your apprenticeship authorities’ requirements, you may have to authorize this verification as described above or assist in some other way.

Once you are employed in Alberta you can start your Alberta apprenticeship program at the point where you left off.  You and your employer will then complete the online application and contract.  Please ensure that you provide all documentation described above.

If you have any unreported on-the-job hours, you can ask your Alberta employer to complete the Employer Recommendation for Time Credit form to recommend previous work experience that has not been credited to the apprenticeship contract for you.

If you have more questions and are unable to find your answers on Tradesecrets you can contact an Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training office or ask general inquiry questions here.

Work with your Alberta Journeyman Certificate in another Canadian province/territory

As a certified tradesperson, you can build upon your Alberta Journeyman Certificate with the Red Seal Program. This is a partnership among Canada’s provincial, territorial and federal governments that allows you to work anywhere in Canada where your trade or occupation is designated.

Apply for an Alberta Qualification Certificate Based on a Recognized Credential

For tradespeople with a recognized credential
If you hold a credential that is recognized by the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board, you may be eligible for an Alberta Qualification Certificate. This applies to all recognized credentials except those bearing an Interprovincial Standards Red Seal.

Learn more about the Qualification Certificate Program- Recognized Credential. You need to successfully complete one or more examinations to qualify.

Apply for an Alberta Qualification Certificate Based on Work Experience

For tradespeople with applicable work experience
If you can demonstrate your skills and experience meet industry competencies in a trade or occupation designated in Alberta, you may be eligible to apply for the Qualification Certificate Program - Work Experience.

You need to successfully complete one or more examinations to qualify.

Apply for an Alberta Equivalency Document

For tradespeople with a recognized Canadian trade credential
The Equivalency Program allows a person who holds a certificate recognized by the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board to obtain a wallet-sized card that indicates the holder has a trade certificate from another jurisdiction and is permitted to work in Alberta.