Alberta Student Aid

Alberta Student Aid invests in Albertans. 

We help eligible post-secondary students meet the basic costs of learning and living so they can achieve their educational goals. When you apply, you’ll be considered for loans and grants from both Alberta Student Aid and the Canada Student Loans Program. Funding is available for full-time and part-time students.

Alberta Student Aid continues to make significant changes to Alberta’s student aid program to ensure more students are able to get the funding they need to pursue their goals. Some of the initiatives include:

  • Eliminating parental contributions, RRSPs, and part-time earnings from provincial eligibility criteria
  • Expanding access to the Alberta Part Time Grant
  • Eliminating interest charges during the Grace Period before payments begin
  • Ensuring students who move from full time to part time study are not required to begin making payments on their provincial loans and are not charged interest
  • Improving the quality of client services and communications

Apply early. Apply online.

The online student funding application is available at If you are a full-time student, apply online and you may see your results immediately.

Visit to learn more.