Full-Time Training

Learner Income Support and training benefits are available to Albertans who need financial help to improve their English, or upgrade their education or job skills. To apply for financial help you can submit an application online or in writing.

Before you apply

If you are considering attending full-time training, you may be able to get funding. Before you apply for Learner Income Support and training benefits, find out about eligibility requirements and benefits available to you.

To ensure funding is in place prior to your start date, your application should be submitted at least two months before training starts. It takes approximately 4-6 weeks to process an application.

Apply online

If you need financial support to attend full-time training, you can complete your application and submit it online. For more information and to submit an online application, go to my Alberta Supports, and click on Apply Online.

Apply in writing

Applications for financial support to attend full-time training can also be filled out and mailed to the Learner Income Support Office. Use the Completion Instructions to understand how to fill in the Learner Income Support Application. You can print the application, then fill it out and sign it with ink. Or you can save it to your computer and fill it out. Then print it and sign it with ink.
If you need more help with this form, take a look at the Completion Instructions.

Review the other forms below to see if you need to include any with your application. If you miss documents, it could delay the application process. Send all your application documents to:

Learner Income Support Office Box 17000, Station Main Edmonton, AB T5J 4R4 Canada

The Learner Income Support Office will send a letter telling you if you’re eligible and the next steps to take. If you have any questions about the application process, call the Alberta Supports Contact Centre 1 877 644 9992 (toll-free) or 780 644 9992 (Edmonton).

Other forms

If you choose to apply in writing, you may need to submit some other forms with your application to help us determine your eligibility and set up your file. Check the Completion Instructions to find out which forms to send with your application. You may also need to use these forms when your situation changes:

Tax slips

A tax slip to report the financial assistance you received will be mailed to you early in the calendar year for the previous tax year. You may want to discuss the tax slip with a tax professional to find out how it affects your tax return and how it needs to be claimed. It is important to keep your mailing address up to date to make sure you get the tax slips you need to complete your income tax return.

Report a change

When you’re receiving funding for training, you must report any changes that occur as soon as they happen. You and your spouse/partner, if applicable, must sign a Change in Circumstances form when:

  • you change your name
  • you change training dates
  • you marry, begin living with a partner, separate or divorce
  • you experience a change in the number of dependent children living with you
  • you and your spouse/partner have changes in income or assets
  • your address, phone number or other contact information changes
  • you have an emergency or one-time need and
  • any other changes to your circumstances

Save the Change in Circumstances form to your computer. Fill it out, print it and sign it in ink:

Gather other documents that may be needed to show the change has happened. Review your form and documents with your training provider. Then send them to:

Learner Income Support Office
Box 17000, Station Main
Edmonton, AB T5J 4R4

If you have any questions about Change in Circumstances form, call the Learner Income Support Office:

Toll-free: 1 800 222 6485
Edmonton: 780 427 3722


If you disagree with a decision about your Learner Income Support Application or benefits, you may be able to file an appeal. For information, review A Guide to the Appeals Process.